Claude Gérard

IP Attorney, Patent Engineer

According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, adaptation is crucial for species to survive in a fluctuating environment. It is also well known that most successful companies are those able to adapt to new market trends by promoting an active innovation process. I choose to work for Calysta because it is a dynamic and fast-growing company able to react and adapt rapidly to new activities or client’s expectations.

During several years, I have worked as a multidisciplinary scientific researcher in the academic sector combining theoretical and experimental approaches in biology. In sciences, it is well known that theoreticians and experimentalists are often coming from a different world. During these years, I have been able to adapt myself to find a common language to easily communicate with scientists from different disciplines. Thus, I am convinced that Calysta and myself will be able to adapt to every client’s expectation to propose the best, personalized, solution that will protect your intellectual property.

Personally, I was lucky to meet my wife some years ago. I strongly believe that the pursuit of happiness, alone or in couple, requires to do our best to adapt to every new situation because like John Lennon said: “ life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.