Calysta’s Vision

We want to be a trustworthy, innovative and collaborative intellectual property (IP) firm:

  • considered by our clients as their in-house IP counsel giving relevant and realistic advice allowing them to take the right decisions,
  • working with powerful tools and using the best available technology offering a maximum of efficiency and business intelligence to our clients,
  • relying on high quality people and partners (providers, IP firms, law firms),
  • always delivering the best solutions to our clients.

IP is too often seen as a cost center by clients and not enough as a revenue center. This is mainly due to a lack of alignment between IP rights and commercial strategy. Such lack of alignment is the result of a lack of true understanding of a company’s business and operations. Our audit and due diligence experience has taught us that many companies do not possess the right IP to adequately cover their current or future key business.

The vision of CALYSTA is that IP should sustain your commercial strategy and your IP strategy should be aligned with your R&D, branding, innovation and business strategy.

Our IP attorneys are able to advise you on your IP rights in order to create value for your company, because they commit to really understanding your business.

We, at CALYSTA, consider ourselves entrepreneurs with experience of managing large and small groups. We are familiar with the concerns of the management of companies, the importance to protect your profit margin and structuring a company to optimize its profitability and operation. This expertise is offered to you, ensuring that your intellectual property is truly aligned with the strategy of your company, its culture and its commercial challenges.

We assuredly have a problem-solving approach seeking to optimize your IP portfolio and we make sure that we always add value to your IP.