We provide you with:

  • Thorough and qualitative expertise in core IP matters
  • Thorough and qualitative expertise in all matters that relate to IP (i.e. contracting / trade secrets, valorization, employment terms,…)
  • Smart advice ensuring your IP is aligned with your business strategy
  • holistic approach where all possible IP rights closely contribute to protecting your IP
  • smart and overall view on all your IP assets
  • Solution focused approach with clearly proposed actions.

We are convinced that any decision with respect to IP taken by you should support your strategy and provide the best value. We want our IP attorneys to think and behave as if they were in-house IP attorneys, always solely looking for your best interest.

We, at CALYSTA, oblige ourselves to always ask you the right questions. We have developed over many years the deep expertise to do so effectively. This expertise allows us to ask the right question to get the right responses helping us to develop the meaningful IP and also to align IP to your business strategy.

We invest time to deeply understand the structure of your company, your operations and your business. We seek to know where your key markets are, or where the highest margins are generated, as well as the purpose of a filing request. By doing so we aim at building truly relevant IP for your company.

We want to be free to share our conclusions, even if reflecting a difficult reality, with the sole aim to implement, where necessary, constructive corrective actions. We also help you  with the roll out of those actions.

At CALYSTA we aim to build trust with you and ensure you always get the best service, so that your IP truly matters and creates value for your company.